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  • Motherhood.

    My kid is crazy. She’s been pushing the limits lately and using any excuse she can get to swear a little bit. LOL Can’t even be mad because it’s just words and she’s a great kid. Really, she’s awesome. She’s so good natured and so funny. She doesn’t have temper tantrums, she’s so smart and so kind to everyone. She’s growing up beautifully and I am so proud of her. I’m so happy I am able to give her the life that I would have wanted as a kid and ensuring she has everything she could need or want and never need to worry about anything. I asked her the other day if she was happy – and she said absolutely she was. Which is really all I can possibly ask for. Motherhood has been a wild decade so far, but I love it and I love my daughter – she’s by far the best thing that ever happened to me.

    When Cheyenne was born and up until when she was a toddler, I was in school and working and I just couldn’t afford anything. I couldn’t afford to buy her Christmas gifts or whatnot – my parents had to help me out because I was left as a single mom and I couldn’t even make it on my own despite trying many times over. Between medical bills from her regular checkups and shots and all that – to formula because I couldn’t breastfeed, and daycare so I could work and go to school… I was poor. I was stuck in this cycle of poverty.

    But I worked my ass off. I studied, I got great grades. I worked full time while doing so… and I have quadrupled my salary from 2010 to now. So to be in this position now where one night I came home and saw her riding her bike with her friends and noticed that she’d outgrown her bike and it looked like garbage… I was able to just tell my husband to go buy her a new bike and he can just do that and we don’t have to really think about it much. And that feels good.

    Despite there being no indicating that I would ever make it out of the endless cycle of poverty – I did. I did it by my own hard work and effort and that’s just proof that if you want it bad enough – if you’re willing to put in the work, it WILL get better and you WILL succeed. I believe firmly in the strength of the human spirit and we as humans can achieve absolutely anything if we really set our minds to it.

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  • Let’s give this another try…

    I haven’t blogged regularly in many years. I’ve tried to revive my blogs so many times in the past. I used to make posts daily back in the day, but one day I just kind of fell off the blog wagon and gave up on journaling my life. I had hit a really low point, and figured no one cared so I just quit.

    As of late there’s been a lot of self reflection and just thinking about this life that I am now leading – so I figured it’s time to bring this blog back. I had registered this domain originally back on 5/23/2008 – I had chosen the name srsly.nu because I just couldn’t believe I had become such a mess. Like, seriously? This is my life? I was 25, a single mom – and I was suffering from OCD and postpartum depression. I was at my worst.

    So, on 2/23/2016, I re-registered this domain because now instead of being disbelief that I had become such a mess… I have disbelief that I’ve come so far and am in such a good place now. I have completed my degree (A.A.S. Web & Digital Media Design) – with honors and recognitions, I own a house in the suburbs, I’m married to an amazing man, my daughter is healthy and happy and is now 10 years old, I drive my dream car and I have a promising career in the one field I’ve ever been passionate about: web development.

    And yeah that seems like some massive bragging, but know what? I’ve earned it. I came from a place of depression, suicidal thoughts, mental illness and poverty while trying to raise and make a life for my daughter — to just flourishing. I’ve worked so hard, and so I thought it would be good to bring this site back and share my story with anyone who wants to read it while also giving myself a place to write out my thoughts for my own recollection and a little bit of journaling therapy 🙂